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Bay Area Patent Lawyers

If you’re wondering if the Bay Area patent rights are the same as those of other parts of the United States, the answer is yes. Patent laws protect your invention for 20 years from being created, used, or sold by anyone.

The Bay Area constitutes Fransisco Bay and the nine counties surrounding it. The counties include San Mateo, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma, Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Napa.

A Bay Area patent attorney can help you file a patent and prevent anyone from stealing or using your innovation.

Bay Area Patent Filling

You can do patent filing in the San Francisco Bay Area through an online portal provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). There are requirements that every applicant should meet. Let’s look at them.

Requirements for Patent Filling

Any invention should meet the given criteria that serve the whole country. The invention should also be non-obvious, novel, and easy for industrial use.

  • The invention must not be already put in a public document or used before your filing date.
  • Your invention must not be obvious. It should not be obvious to a person in the same technical field.
  • Your invention should be acceptable for industrial use. Meaning it has a practical application.
  • An invention should be statutory. It should have patentable subject matter, for example, machines, processes, etc.

Types of Patent Applications

Patent applications have two types, non-provisional and provisional.

Non-provisional: This type covers the title, description, drawings, abstract, and claims. Here you need to disclose detailed functions and structural and technical aspects of your invention.

Provisional: Filing for this type mainly helps get an early filing date or priority. The provisional filing allows you to file without a formal patent claim, declaration, or information disclosure statement.  

Patent Filing Procedure

Here is a guide on how to file for a patent or protection. Before you can file a patent, you need first to perform a search to provide any information about a previous similar patent.

  • Preparing for a patent application: It’s the first step that includes preparing patent documents and following the rules for writing an application.

  • Preparing forms: The second step is that you need to fill out the forms. You will need to provide details of the applicant, inventor, and other information.

  • Filing: It happens after the forms, and the application is ready. You can apply in the USPTO online portal and pay the required fees.

  • Publication: The San Francisco office then publishes your inventions after several months, and this makes your invention open to the public.

  • Prosecution: The examiner needs a few clearances at the prosecution or examination stage and then sends final or non-final actions. At the end of the prosecution, a patent examiner makes the final decision. Consider hiring a patent attorney whose key practice areas are in patent prosecution.

  • Patent grant: The patent examiner’s decision may be to allow or reject the application. If it qualifies, you are granted your patent after an issue fee.

  • Patent maintenance: You pay this maintenance fee to keep your patent enforceable and active.  

    How Does a Bay Area Patent Attorney Help You?

    The registered patent attorneys at the Evergreen Valley Law Group in the Greater Bay Area are highly qualified and can effectively and efficiently provide opinion work for intellectual property matters and litigation services and acquire patents, trademarks, non-infringement opinions, and copyrights for our clients.

    The Bay Area patent attorneys at the Evergreen Valley Law Group have represented Fortune 500 companies in California and several other United States jurisdictions regarding their intellectual property matters, including:


    • Providing patentability opinions

    • Freedom to operate opinions and invalidity opinions

    • Providing patent and trademark preparation and prosecution services

    • Providing patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secrets litigation services in several United States Federal Districts and Courts of Appeals

    • Advising and representing clients in proceedings at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board

    • Advising and representing clients in cancellation and opposition proceedings at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

    In the Bay Area, patent attorneys at the Evergreen Valley Law Group have also successfully obtained numerous patents for clients in varying technology spaces, including:

        • Information technology

        • Electrical engineering

        • Software

        • Entertainment

        • Medical device

        • Chemical spaces

    Our attorneys have also obtained hundreds of trademark registrations for clients and are available to assist companies in Silicon Valley and beyond with their trademark needs.

    What to Consider When Choosing a Bay Area Patent Attorney

    When hiring a patent attorney, it is important to look at a series of qualities to help you acquire your intellectual property rights. Here are a few things to look at:

        • USPTO registration: The first thing is to look for an intellectual property law firm registered with the USPTO. The reason is that only registered patent attorneys can represent you before the USPTO in your intellectual property disputes.
        • Industry experience: Check your bay area patent attorney’s industrial experience. A good patent attorney should have proof of work showing years of examining for USPTO.
        • Affordable filing rates: This rate should be on your list. Patent prices are not the same, and various firms have their rates.
        • Industry versatility: You should hire a patent lawyer that’s versatile in multiple industries. Find out the industry accomplishments and technical settings of an intellectual property law firm.
        • Extensive patent collection database: Be sure to check out your Bay Area patent lawyer’s patent collection database before hiring them. Patent collection databases show all the patent applications a firm has received recently.

    Get in Touch With Bay Area Patent Lawyers at Evergreen Valley Law Group

    The Evergreen Valley Law Group is an International Intellectual law firm dedicated to helping you protect your intellectual property and advising on how to use it for strategic growth.

    If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Evergreen Valley Law Group at (407) 777 6712 or email us at [email protected].

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Do You Need to Fund a Patent Application?

    The costs vary within a country. You should contact the provided national or regional patent office to give details concerning the fee structure.

    Can Patent Ownership Be Shifted?

    Yes. Patents are assignable. Transferring and assigning documents are recorded with the USPTO assignment branch.

    What Does Patent Pending Mean?

    It’s a term used by an inventor to inform others that there is an undergoing patent application in place. It warns others to avoid using your invention or face the consequences.