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An information and entertainment giant earning worth more than $4B

An innovative global electronics company located in Silicon Valley

A renowned global high-tech electronics and digital media company
A leading company that develops apps and APIs for industry leaders
A top corporation that develops custom automation systems and SaaS platforms
A company that streamlines the logistics and supply chains of businesses and governments around the globe
A leading analog circuit developer and manufacturer
A well-known semiconductor innovator developing world-changing technologies
A top developer of software and hardware solutions for businesses
An important software company that develops and distributes solutions for digital media and marketing
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adobe l
yahoo l
texas instruments l
synopsys l
cadance l
philips l
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“Kanika Radhakrishnan is an amazing attorney, she is very quick and is competitively priced. I will be sure to use her services in the future.”

Non-Provisional Patent
Sr. Manager

“I highly recommend Kanika for anyone who is looking for a great patent lawyer. During my work with Kanika, I found she is very professional, responsible, and responsive. The work is quite challenging and requires a strong technical background. Kanika was able to quickly understand the non-trivial technical description, and delivered a very satisfactory, high quality work within a short period of time. It is a privilege and enjoyable experience to work with someone who is that professional, responsible and responsive. I strongly recommend Kanika to anyone who’s looking for a great patent lawyer and of course, I’m very looking forward to work with Kanika again”

Assist with Other Patent Matter
Sr. Director

“Kanika is an exceptional lawyer and was thorough and detailed. She had to patience to help us refine our design and make amendments and corrections. She is especially good for tech startup ideas as she understands technology and its easy to make to work with her.”