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05. Trademark Prosecution

Selecting and using a trademark is a critical component in building a memorable company brand and attracting loyal customers. Our trademark lawyers provide well-rounded and all-inclusive legal counseling on choosing and registering a recognizable trademark including:

  • Product and service names

  • Logos and artwork

  • Distinctive designs

  • Taglines or slogans and more.

In order to successfully prosecute a company’s trademark, we conduct comprehensive trademark searches and clearances.

Two decades of IP protection experience.

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Since its inception in 2004, Evergreen Valley Law Group (EVLG) has consistently delivered exceptional legal counsel to clients across the entire spectrum of Intellectual Property (IP) matters. Our comprehensive approach to IP protection enables businesses to safeguard their interests and innovations, both domestically and internationally.

Over the years, EVLG has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, encompassing various industries and including numerous prominent industry leaders as well as Fortune 500 companies. If you are interested in discovering more about our services and expertise, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to discussing how we can best serve your legal needs in the realm of Intellectual Property.

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